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Applications for the Jeffrey Hayman Award must be received no later than April 30, 2022.

The Jeffrey Hayman Award is presented each year to a student who has been active in USG, has worked to improve the undergraduate experience at OSU, has been a good role model for other students, and has had some involvement with USGAS alumni. 

About Jeff Hayman

Jeff Hayman was one of the most involved students on campus during the mid-1970s. A native of Steubenville, Jeff came to OSU as a wide-eyed freshman looking to go to school and to get involved. During his freshman year at OSU, Jeff was floor president at Nosker House and was elected to Freshman Senate, the forerunner to today’s USG internship program. The next year, Jeff became President of Nosker House and was jeavily involved in North Campus activities including the North Campus Student Association and became one of the most energetic freshman orientation assistants.

During his last two years at OSU, Jeff became involved with Ohio Staters, Inc., and ran as the vice presidential candidate with Rick Theis in the 1976 USG Presidential election. After their victory, Jeff, as Speaker of the USG Student Assembly, was a tireless member of USG and, among other things, worked with other Ohio college undergraduate student governments to share ideas on reaching out to their respective student bodies. One campus, Jeff formed the League of Student Organizations to help various campus organizations obtain funding and office space for their various activities.

In recognition of his many achievements on campus, Jeff was inducted into Bucket and Dipper, Romophos, and Sphinx. He was also awarded the Outstanding Senior Award in 1977.

After receiving his BA in Political Science, Jeff went on to OSU Law School , and became a successful lawyer, as well as a successful husband and father in the Dayton area and then Boca Raton, Florida. When the USG Alumni Society began forming in the mid 1990s, Jeff Hayman was integral in building the initial organization. Jeff became one of the first board members of USGAS before it formally adopted a constitution with the OSU Alumni Association. After Jeff’s untimely death, the USGAS Board of Governors unanimously decided to name the USGAS award for the outstanding senior in USG, the Jeffrey Hayman Award.

Past recipients

2020 Scholarship Winner – Emily Needham

Emily Needham is a third-year at The Ohio State University pursuing a dual degree in History and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and is also minoring in German and Dance. She joined the Undergraduate Student Government during her freshman year as a way to help address academic issues facing undergraduate students. This past year, she served as an Arts and Humanities senator in the 52nd Undergraduate General Assembly and also as the Academic Affairs Legislative Coordinator. In the upcoming year, she will serve as a University Senator, a member of the University Senate Research Committee, and as a representative on the Council on Enrollment and Student Progress. Emily is also the vice president of the Collegiate Council on World Affairs, and competes for the OSU Model United Nations Team on the inter-collegiate circuit. She works as a research assistant at the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center at the Moritz College of Law. In the future, she hopes to further pursue her interests in diplomatic and international history by earning a Ph.D. in History or working in International Relations.