The Undergraduate Student Government Alumni Society (USGAS) at The Ohio State University connects Undergraduate Student Government (USG) alumni with each other, current USG members, university leadership, and community leaders. The society offers a variety of opportunities, including annual events, to engage with and contribute to these communities and build friendships among USG alumni and friends.

Our members continue to engage with the University and USG by mentoring and supporting current students, building professional and personal connections with their peers, and advocating for university-related issues in personal and government circles.

All members of USG automatically become members of USGAS upon graduating from Ohio State. There are no dues, fees, or secret handshakes required for membership.


The mission of USGAS is to serve as the Alumni Society for The Ohio State University Undergraduate Student Government and advances the best interests of USG by creating a lifelong network to connect current and former members of USG, promote the shared interests of the University and USG, facilitate the development of student leaders, and to provide institutional knowledge and support for the governance functions of USG.

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