A letter from the President

To all Undergraduate Student Government alumni,

Several decades ago, the Ohio State Undergraduate Student Government Alumni Society (USGAS) was formed to keep former USG members connected to each other and to the University through social and service activities. We’re contacting our alumni to announce that USGAS has reached a crossroad.

USGAS is in good standing with The Ohio State University Alumni Association (OSUAA) and we have a positive balance in our treasury. However, like other alumni societies, USGAS faces challenges with membership involvement and board vacancies. We’ve found difficulty hosting meaningful and successful activities requiring travel to Columbus. Also, our board has two vacancies – President and First Vice President for Programming. Due to these challenges, the USGAS board is considering moving the organization to inactive status with OSUAA.

Before making a final decision, we wanted to reach out to gauge interest from our members. If you’d like to serve in a leadership role or want to get involved in another capacity, contact USGAS Secretary Pam Conrad at (614) 725-5553 or usgsociety@osu.edu. The deadline to respond is Feb. 15, 2019.

For more information about USGAS activities, visit our Facebook page: facebook.com/groups/46190367097/. Want to learn more about USGAS, scroll below for a FAQ section.

Go Bucks!

Brandon Edwards ‘12
President, Ohio State Undergraduate Student Government Alumni Society


To the many early responders to the recent message from the Ohio State Undergraduate Student Government Alumni Society (USGAS):
Thank you very much for your response to President Brandon Edwards’ message about our society’s need for volunteer leaders to step forward to run the organization.  We received quite several positive responses and we’ll get back to you ASAP (hopefully within a week or so) with next steps.  Please feel free to Pam Conrad if you want to talk before we can get back to you all.

Here are answers to some of the questions you all sent:

Q: I thought USGAS got folded into the student activities [alumni group] a decade ago.

A:  No, USGAS is a stand-alone organization, a recognized part of the OSU Alumni Association, with our own charter, mission, bank account, etc.

Q: I’m not sure why I dropped off your [mailing] list.

A:  You didn’t drop off the list, we just got bad about staying in touch, for a lot of reasons. Maybe you can help us fix that.

Q: Does USGAS have a budget?

A:  Wow, yes, a good-sized budget!  We have several thousand dollars in the bank, and a great treasurer, retired Ohio State fiscal guy Al Rodack, who’s willing to stay on (when last we asked!).

Q: [What is involved in] the VP Programming role?

A:  The USGAS constitution defined the role as this:  “ First Vice President . . .  shall be in charge of programming for the USGAS including, but not limited to, the development of programs and activities for the USGAS, as well as serving as coordinating the USGAS’s programmatic goals with that of the OSUAA.”  Doesn’t really tell you much, I know, but the role is really what the 1st VP and the Board wants to make of it.  OSUAA events provide a good framework for participating in community service programs, tailgates, and parties connected to sporting events.  We’ve had mentoring activities for current USG students, we’ve awarded cash scholarships to deserving students, and we’ve held stimulating panel discussions with outside speakers.  It would be great to turn some of our events into webinars etc. to get out-of-state alumni involved.  Those are the kind of new ideas that are needed.  OSUAA does a great job of helping train and support alumni group leaders.  Also, OSUAA provides opportunities for alumni groups like USGAS to earn funding support, too.

Q: Who are the current officers of USGAS?

A: The current officers of USGAS are Brandon Edwards, President; Anne Evans Schira, 1st VP Programming; Eddie Pauline, 2nd VP Membership;  Pam Conrad, Secretary; Al Rodack, Treasurer.  Brandon, Anne, and Eddie graduated within the past 10-15 years; I (Pam) and Al graduated in the 1970s.  We all live in Columbus, which is helpful but not necessary.  Brandon and Anne will soon be vacating their offices (but hopefully staying involved as members); they are the leaders that we are eager to replace soon.

Q: I am unable to participate in a leadership role, but I would like to know what I can do to help.

A: After we have gathered all the responses, the existing USGAS officers will meet with the Alumni Association leaders and hold a gathering (hopefully virtual, to help people who live beyond Columbus) to determine whether and how to re-organize.  That may not take place until March.  We’ll keep you posted!

MORE TO COME . . . .    GO BUCKEYES!!!!!